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Jack Brown

Jack Brown Surrey Heritage Award

In 2013 the website was the recipient of the British Columbia Historical Federation Best Web Site Award

Jack Brown was the recipient of Surrey's 2014 Heritage in the City Award in the Education–Interpretation category for the web site.


Jack Brown is a resident of Surrey. He has been a teacher in Surrey for 35 years. During 1970–71 he took a year off teaching to complete a Masters Degree in Arts with a concentration in Geography. As part of his Masters program he wrote an unpublished Sociology Anthropology paper titled The Semiahmoo People. This web site is based on that paper. This was an original research paper based on original source documentation and interviews with original settlers or their descendants.

Since the initial publication of The Semiahmoo People additional pages have been added based on historic research.


The Semiahmoo People have a very storied history and a heritage to be proud of and it was his hope that this website will contribute to the preservation of some of that history and heritage.   

Jack passed away in March, 2019 and as part of his legacy, Surrey Historical Society will continue his work in updating and continuing this website.  

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