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The Semiahmoo People

The Semiahmoo Indian band is a small remnant of the Semiahmoo people who once dominated the region from Boundary Bay in the north to Birch Bay in the south. The band presently occupies a 328 acre reservation, near the International Boundary, along Semiahmoo Bay and bordering the City of Surrey and the City of White Rock in British Columbia. Very little has been recorded about this specific band, and the purpose of the site is to provide some background on these aboriginal people.

Jack Brown grew up in east White Rock. "My father, Jim Brown, would visit with Chief Jimmy Charles through out the 1940s. On nice warm days Jimmy, my father and a Mr. Handley would sit on a bench on Campbell River Road just west of the foot bridge over the Little Campbell. They talked of many things but one was the meaning of the word "Semiahmoo". Jimmy said it meant "half moon" which is the shape of Semiahmoo Bay."

Political and Social Structure

Semiahmoo Encampments

Subsistence Activities
  • Gathering
  • Hunting
  • Fishing

History of the Semiahmoo
  • Pre–European Contact History, pre 1791

Effects of Early contact 1791–1850
  • Initial European Contact
  • Establishing Fort Langley
  • Population Decline
  • Missionaries

Arrival of White Settlement
  • Boundary Commission
  • Early Trails
  • Decline of Reef-netting
  • The Semiahmoo Reservation
  • Semiahmoo People in the 20th Century

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